Thinking About Technocracy

Where to from here?

An outline for beginning to think through the future of technocracy

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I have been thinking about the future.  I’m not cheered.  It seems humans are woefully unready for a “linked localism” emphasizing global criteria for sustainable living arrangements, which seems increasingly likely for the majority of humans.

Two factors of are supreme importance to become ready: 

  • First comes the technology to enable local economies to make sense including sustainable means of energy production, food production, and support for demographic, health/medical situations that will be encountered.  
  • Second is the means to govern such environments peaceably and reasonably.  Cleary my interests lean to the latter while I nevertheless recognize that approaches to the former will be all important in shaping modes of governance rather than vice versa.

One can make certain assumptions:

1. Humans will need nutrition, energy, and resources.

2. Energy production will have costs and trade-offs for selected means.

3. Trade will occur to maximize the capacity to produce surpluses in certain items.

4. Sustainable practices will require minimal waste products that are not recycled. 

5. Inputs will have to have a logical source for sustainability.

In addition to these, one quickly adds qualitative objectives that are widely appreciated and desired:

1. There will be capacity for and access to aesthetic, social, natural, spiritual, and intellectual resources suitable to the maintenance of cultures.

2. Advantages in living arrangements coming to any individual will derive from logical (and widely recognized/accepted) inputs.

3.  Liberties to move, resettle, experience life and take certain risks will be preserved and recognized.

In one way or another, all of these first tier and second tier objectives are violated by nearly all human societies of any scale.  The question is, can governance mechanisms be set down in such a way so as to preserve these and any other primary criteria that may be added through collaborative exchanges?


Written by ryanlanham

January 19, 2009 at 4:53 pm

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