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Controlling cells from the inside…

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This from New Scientist on directing the bodies cells by injecting new substances in that “command” various actions…can be anti-cancer, etc:

[The] breakthrough involves implanting cylinders of an FDA-approved biodegradable polymer into the body. The implants release a particular variety of the cell-signalling molecules called cytokines – a sort of molecular perfume that is irresistible to a certain kind of immune-system messenger cell.

These dendritic cells are attracted into the pores of Mooney’s implant, where they are exposed to antigens – the molecular signatures of the cancer, bacterium or virus being treated – and a danger-signal chemical derived from bacterial DNA.

This alert signal makes the dendritic cells flee to the nearest lymph node, where they meet up with the immune system’s “killer” T-cells and program them to hunt down the invading cells.

Clearly a number of labs are playing with transhumanist projects.  We are totally unready for the governance of these tools outside a few medical ethics reviews.



Written by ryanlanham

January 12, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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