Thinking About Technocracy

Where to from here?

Howard Scott

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I’m not sure I’m well suited to the old fights in what has been the technocracy world.  I really have no stake in those battles.

I stand for technocracy as ideal of governance that emphasizes using science to make key policy frameworks and boundaries that even democratic actions, particularly market-based pricing actions, cannot overrule–particularly without due processes that articulate the reasons for overrule down to fine details.  To my mind this is the only logical way of moving forward.  We have to have certain metrics that overrule market conveniences, and these must go beyond “leadership” at any given point.

Howard Scott, perhaps more than any other person, is associated with the rise of technocracy as an ideal.  He belongs in any technocracy pantheon.   However, no one of course owns technocracy as an ideal nor will the word ever resolve down to a refined ideal any more than democracy does.  If any one person “owned” the idea of technocracy, it would be Howard Scott.  Of course he’d be just the sort to eschew any leanings toward control of ideas or their diffusion.


Written by ryanlanham

January 10, 2009 at 11:22 pm

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