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Technocracy and the transhumanist

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Michael Anissimov has long held my attention.  His articles on transhumanism always bring out something new, something different than what most people write.   I picked up a link from IEET blog called Ethical Technology that I enjoy reading.  Anissimov is talking about the moral challenges of keeping transhuman technologies friendly.  It’s an interesting and real concern worth taking seriously.  Again, to even say such a thing puts one into the suspected kook category.  So be it. 

I think the realistic timescale of large-scale implementation of technocracy is on the order of a couple of decades out from now.  By then I am reasonably confident that robots will exceed all but the most far-fetched expectations.  Consequently it falls to some domain such as technocracy theory to begin to sort out how we will encounter transhuman devices and beings.  Outside of science fiction, I don’t think serious work has begun in this domain.  I’d guess that someday IEET’s work will be considered foresighted.  For now, it is fairly fringey.  That’s too bad.


Written by ryanlanham

January 9, 2009 at 7:20 pm

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  2. Trans- humanism & existentialism –

    What is a human..?. and how many add ons to a human, turn it into something else.?. Is it a fantasy of people to think that combination’s of people and robots will be significantly different in thought and temperament… from now?
    A cyborg will have thoughts feelings and emotions and existential dilemmas and also opinions. Opinions are never fact… so how is it that cyborgs and trans humanism are seen as some kind of perfecting mechanism of humans by many and the road to immortality by some? Everything dies… or gets the plug pulled from it at some point. So… will the human/cyborg condition change? No. Both will look for meaning, purpose, and beauty.


    January 10, 2009 at 5:49 pm

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