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Knowledge and the Technocrat: A concept for a framework

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I sometimes envision the following outline for what is known (for example, this might be set at the top of each Wikipedia article):

A brief statement of the knowledge item: E.g. Natural Selection

Column 1: Evidence: Scientifically evidential or not evidential

Column 2: Contention amongst technocrats: Disputed Widely, Occasionally or Rarely

Column 3: Social boundaries: Distinct between contenders, Indistinct

Column 4: Social scope: Encouraged, Specialized, or Forbidden

Column 5: Rigidity: Symbolic/Algebraic, Factoid, Heuristic

Column 6: Dependence: Indepedent, Often dependent, Contextual

Column 7: Cultural sensitivity: High Medium, Low

If we were to plan an AI program for the knowledge management technocrat, we’d need large sets of semantic associations to these sorts of knowledge parameters.  Certain groups of knowledge as determined by combinations of variables might lead to alternative policy actions.

For example:

Natural Selection: 1. Evidence 2. Rarely 3. Distinct 4. Encouraged 5. Heuristic 6. Contextual 7. High

This classification would make this knowledge a contender for widely educational emphasis to reduce cultural sensitive since the knowledge is encouraged and evidential.

Of course the right schema would be more sophisticated and complex.


Written by ryanlanham

January 8, 2009 at 2:04 pm

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