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In order to implement technocracy, one has to start from the question… What do you want your society to look like? 

Then we need to teach that by enabling students to learn about norms and how to question, change, challenge and live with them.  Americans have never been willing to set out their future very much–oh, they built rockets and highway systems, but they didn’t plan them.  It’s always been an advantage for the United States.  In the future, it will be a crushing disadvantage.  Europeans and Asians always started with what they wanted to be, and then tried to implement it…usually failing under industrial capitalism because to plan was a big disadvantage and led to national conflicts when planning hit borders and boundaries. 

Now that industrial capitalism is starting to end, we need to find out what is next.  Obviously, I predict some form of technocracy.  Now you’ve got to decide how that will work and how it will look and what we believe is science.  In the end, it’s all engineering of a sort…a new sort. 

Discipline is from a time past after people reach an age of self-responsible action.  Norms…norms are believed and accepted.  Discipline is imposed.  We need normative engineering. 

A big challenge in the next 20 years is to start allowing our machines to accept norms and stop being “disciplined.”  At that juncture, it’s all about peacekeeping and dreaming big dreams.  I think the age of the machine will be upon us very soon.  No need for surgeons, manufacturers, filers, housecleaners, etc. –all jobs better done by machines.  Humans are too sophisticated for smaller things. We need to challenge ourselves to solve huge problems with limited resources and a willingness (but loathing) to fail.  Can you imagine a US city taking on flying solo across the Atlantic the way St. Louis did in the 1920s?  Humans too often do puny things now. 

Dreaming was replaced by consuming.


Written by ryanlanham

January 6, 2009 at 2:39 pm

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