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Top 10 Items a Technocrat Should Deal With

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There is a range of issues when considering the formation or extension of a technocratic system.  Here are ten items I see as priorities for consideration:

1. In what areas is the price system considered to be insufficient to base policy upon?  For example, how will healthcare systems cope with price issues?  How will sustainability and global commons issues be addressed? 

2. By what means will decisions be certified when based on technical or scientific grounds?  In other words, where will authority rest on that portion of decisions that are not strictly political?

3. Will the system be centralized and bureaucratic or decentralized and collaborative?  How will hybrid systems resolve conflicts? 

4. What means will be used to assure technologies and sciences move forward? 

5. What appeals process, if any will exist for technocratic decisions?  In other words, can politics trump technocracy in certain circumstances?  How?  When?

6. What learning and development environments will be integrated with technocratic policy processes?

7. How will social criteria (objectives) be deliberated? 

8. How will enforcement and executive actions for technocratic objectives be carried out?   What mechanics will exist to limit corruption?   

9. What is the role of robots or thinking machines in the technocracy?

10. How will change management processes for implementing technocratic objectives be supported?

Other key topics?


Written by ryanlanham

January 5, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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