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While I know a few people are reading already and a few more have stopped by, I’ll take the premature opportunity to open up a chain for general discussion on Technocracy.  Here’s a few topics I intend to explore relatively soon:

1. What countries are the closest to feasible implementation of a technocracy — in one sense Singapore is probably closest.  In another sense, the Netherlands or Sweden might lead.  Ireland or New Zealand could get a certain set of votes.

2. Where are the demarcation points between democracy and plural technocracy?  

3. Is techocracy necessarily utopian? 

4. How do you implement technocracy?  What would be the first steps? 

5. Who has a technocratic concept of constitution?

6. Do smaller states have an easier time implementing technocratic structures?

7. Is Obama a technocrat?  Many say he leans that way.

8. What various flavors of technocracy might exist?

9. What is the relationship of technocracy to markets?

10. How does technocracy evolve?

11. What frightens people about technocracy?

12. Technocracy and religion



Written by ryanlanham

January 2, 2009 at 4:23 pm

Posted in Open Mike

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