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One of the kookier things I am for… radical transparency

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Vineet Nayar at Harvard Business Publishing discusses transparency and how much we need it in business; though I don’t much care for his saccharine conclusions.

Those who know me will find little to be surprised at that I am for radical transparency.  I think the loss of trust is behind huge swaths of current social problems.  It’s all that social capital stuff they were going on about a few years ago.  Apparently no one listened.

Radical transparency is sort of the Canadian approach to Freedom of Information…on speed.  Unless someone is specifically hurt by it, make it public!

I think this could be a quality policy for far more organizations than at present, particularly in civil society.  We ought to be able to ask straightforward questions and get straightforward answers that are published and made readily available.  Of course tort law probably needs to change a bit to achieve that, but realistically, we could be far more open than we are at many levels of society.

Open access plays a role here.  So too does much broader institutional use of the Internet.  It’s shocking how bad governments are at using he web.  That poor fellow who quit in England recently over essentially the complete bungling of Web 2.0 by government there illustrates the point.  Technocrats love the web and its latest version.  They love free release of large amounts of data even more.  They get it out there.  Faster is better than more spun.


Written by ryanlanham

January 2, 2009 at 7:25 pm

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