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ISM cliff diving

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The WSJ drives me crazy, so I don’t read it too much.  I picked up this WSJ link from Calculated Risk on the ISM numbers out presently.  December was another disaster.

We need to recognize in rapid capital flow economies that shocks will be manifold and often of furious intensity.  Somehow these shocks are not monetarized in the negative terms they should be.  Just how expensive is it to lose economic stability?  What is the cost to collective health?  How do we heal cities, towns and municipalities that invested in building infrastructure for firms only to have them looted and sold off in bits?  

I think one answers is that more collaborative forms of management will see localities become investors in their major firms.  This is completely appropriate.  It should be a real question for the city when Proctor & Gamble gets sick in Cincinnati or CNN starts to wheeze in Atlanta.  Just ask Charlotte, NC or NYC.  It isn’t just “the way the market works.”  That’s crap.  Pricing mechanisms have to take into account the cost of the wonders of creative destruction, or they need to be supplemented with indicies that minimize regional declines like those seen in Eastern Michigan.


Written by ryanlanham

January 2, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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