Thinking About Technocracy

Where to from here?

What this blog will be and what it won’t be…

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It won’t be excessively emotional. I can be so, but I’ll restrain it here if I can.

It won’t be a paean to government. Government and bureaucracies have a role, but a lessening one in my opinion as time goes on…particularly at the level of the nation-state.

It won’t be utopian. I’m not.  I like planning but I’m no fan of Soviet-style systems. I hope those who are will be vocal critics of what comes up here.

It won’t espouse politics very much.

The answer to everything isn’t civil society institutions, but they matter a lot and are going to matter even more. I reject the tragedy of the commons and generally find individualism and radical libertarianism to be contra to healthy civilization. I’m always up for a debate on the topic.

Thinking About Technocracy WILL look at the issues expertise can influence, particularly in the face of plural democracy and relative market freedoms. But it will, I hope, do much more than that.


Written by ryanlanham

January 1, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Posted in Purpose

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